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More Profitable. More Sustainable.

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Small is Good

We're using robots and AI to make farming more financially and environmentally sustainable.

Our mission
  • 4.2m

    tonnes of pesticides are
    overused each year

  • 253

    Herbicide resistant weeds, fueled by pesticide overuse

  • 90%

    of post-emergent herbicide can be removed with our maps

small is PerPlant

We identify every plant, in every field, and provide field-scale actionable insights.

  • More Profitable.
    More Sustainable.

    Our PerPlant view stops blanket chemical applications. It gives farmers the confidence to spray only where it is required, or not at all.

    Our treatment maps integrate with sprayers for targeted variable rate fertiliser applications and to spot-apply herbicides.

    • 90%

      herbicide reduction*

    • 24%

      Fertiliser reduction*

*savings up to, based on 2022 results:

  • Tom autonomously digitises the field, helping farmers detect every weed and understand the crop's health.

    • photo_camera

      Field-scale PerPlant data

      0.28 mm/px light controlled images

    • settings_applications


      Adapts to different crop rows or heights

    • compress

      Low ground pressure

      1/3 of a human foot. Less compaction and happier soils

    • tune

      Modular platform

      Tom's platorm will be used for spraying and weeding

  • Tom Robot

We are now the only company in the world
that can detect and map grass weeds at field-scale.

Big ideas start small

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