Feeding 8 billion people sustainably is one of the biggest challenges facing us today.

  • The farming system is wasteful

    Blanket chemical applications build up in the soil and run off into waterways, leading to biodiversity loss.

    Farmers need an alternative.

    • 4.2m

      tonnes of pesticides are needlessly sprayed each year

    • 58%

      more food could be produced with sustainable soil management

PerPlant Farming

PerPlant farming creates a digital twin of the field, allowing farmers to make informed decisions and take action only where necessary.

  • Understand every plant

    Locate and analyse every plant in a field. We call this PerPlant Intelligence.

    • Weed detection
    • Crop counts
    • Pest & disease detection
    • Biomass assessment
  • Take action on any plant

    Treat each plant invidually and reduce chemical use. We call this PerPlant Action.

    • Precision spraying
    • Non-chemical weeding
    • Target pernicious weeds

We're building a service with farmers

Our farmer advisory group and customers have helped us build a solution that is by farmers, for farmers.


Andrew Ward


"We're under pressure to use less chemistry and less inputs on the crop - applying products to 100% of a field needs to change. Robotics is the way forward. This is the fourth agricultural revolution."


Andrew Hoad

Waitrose Lekcford Estate

"Our vision for sustainable farming is aligned to what Small Robot Co is trying to achieve. This new technology could be revolutionary for British farming. By helping us be more precise and targeted in controlling weeds and managing pests, this next generation of farming robots could in turn help us protect biodiversity on our land and preserve the natural environment for future generations."


Kate Brown


“Like many arable farmers we would like to reduce the use of pesticides, encourage wildlife on our farm and improve soil health - while farming as efficiently as possible to maintain the viability of the farming business. The Small Robot Company’s vision is to help farmers achieve all these aims which is why we are keen to work with them.”


Craig Livingstone


Robotics offer us a real chance to answer the many questions of modern agriculture in responding to climate change, carbon sequestration, biodiversity and of course soil and food security. The light weight, low impact monitoring robot Tom is now on my farm scanning emerging wheat, for the first time giving me a per plant view of my fields.


Tom Jewers


"Non-chemical weeding is the holy grail. We desperately need to develop ways to reduce the need for expensive plant protection products and artificial fertilisers. The ability to treat only the plants that actually need it is game-changing."


Tom Clarke


“Farming is ripe for disruptive change. Over the next decade we must become more profitable, reverse environmental damage, communicate better with the public and grow more food, for more people than ever before. The ONLY way this is possible is with the sort of innovation developed by the Small Robot Co. It's an approach which will completely revolutionise crop-growing, and I'm very proud to be a part of it.”

  • Less Waste.
    More Precision

    By geolocating every crop plant or weed we can provide field-scale actionable insights at a plant level.

    This PerPlant view can stop blanket chemical applications. It allows farmers to apply inputs exactly where they are required, or even give them the confidence to not spray at all.

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