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  • Less Waste.
    More Precision

    By geolocating every crop plant or weed we can provide field-scale actionable insights at a plant level.

    This PerPlant view can stop blanket chemical applications. It allows farmers to apply inputs exactly where they are required, or even give them the confidence to not spray at all.

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  • How it works

    • 01

    • Deploy a Tom robot

      3 Tom surveys over the course of the season; covering plant detection, biomass assessment & weed detection.

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    • Get PerPlant data

      We map every single plant, providing field-scale actionable insights.

    • 03

    • Use less chemicals

      Our maps integrate with your sprayer, enabling you to reduce chemical and fertiliser inputs.

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    Survey 1

    Green on brown

    Map green areas for pre-drilling glyphosate application.

  • Image

    Survey 2

    Crop count & grass weed detection

    Wheat plant count to inform the first variable nitrogen application and our world-first grass weed detection for targeted post-emergent grass weed herbicide application.

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    Survey 3

    Biomass & weed detection

    Crop biomass assessment using Green Area Index, to inform the second variable rate nitrogen application, combined with broadleaf weed detection, for a targeted herbicide application.

Grass weed detection

We are now the only company in the world capable of detecting and mapping grass weeds at field-scale.